1:1 Design your Online Course Consulting

Finally launch your online course without wasting your valuable time. 

Walking alongside you every step of the way, in this 6-week program, you will learn how to create a course outline that focuses on the transformation of your client.

Creating the course outline becomes the foundation for your course design. Save time by knowing exactly what information to include in your course.

You will have an understanding of what delivery modes are most useful for your clients and identify how you can best support them in their growth.

This program will save you time and support you in building your online course.

Limited spots are available. Apply Today!

Services Offered

  • Weekly 1:1 accountability and coaching calls (1 hour per week)
  • Access via Voxer to ask any questions (Monday to Friday)
  • Feedback on the course outlines and content you create
  • Google Folder access with templates and guides
  • Access to any training delivered as part of The Stella Way during your program
  • Self-paced course valued at AUD$997 for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this program is right for me?
  • Have you been trying to build your online course and feel you are going around in circles?
  • Do you feel that you are wasting valuable time with little to no outputs?
  • Do you feel stuck with where to start when designing content?
  • Are you unsure of which delivery methods to choose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the program is perfect for you! In fact, it has been designed for you!

What results will I get from the program?

You will be guided in designing the right course outline to support your course design. With your commitment, you will create engaging courses in less time.

I have recently worked with a client who designed 75% of one course within 4 weeks - on his own. Working with me, we designed 6 courses in 7 weeks. That is a 450% productivity increase!

Each client I work with is impressed with the new technology they implement to engage students.

What do I need to start the program?

A course idea that you are excited about and the commitment to work on the course design within the 6 weeks. It is important that you are able to dedicated time in addition to our calls.

An existing audience will be useful so that you have an understanding of your clients' needs in regards to the course. While this is not essential, it is useful.

During our calls we will focus on the tasks you will need to complete for the following week.

Why The Stella Way for designing my course?

We do things a little differently together. We won't focus on the market research or the selling - you already know how to do that with your clients.

We focus on designing the course outline. Focus on breaking down your course idea into manageable chunks, and then continue to break apart your idea until it is very clear how you will support your clients.

This course structure is commonly missed, and together we design this for your business.

What is a course outline?

A course outline is a structure to your course that includes the goals, learning outcomes, actionable statements, and the types of lessons and activities to support the student.

What are Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities?

To support the student to reach the learning outcomes (and eventually the goal) you need to define what knowledge does the student need to attain, what skills does the student need to practice, and what new abilities does the student need to form.

How much does the program cost?

The 6-week program is currently offered at AUD$1,500 for the coaching and accountability services. 

Stop Wasting your Valuable Time and Start Working with us Today to Launch your Online Course

Book Your Intro Call

This is a 45-minute consultation chat to determine your online course needs. Together we will identify gaps and opportunities in your current online course, even if it is only an idea.

Save time! Design a Course Outline

After creating many courses (both face to face and online), I have experienced the difference of when you have a course outline vs not having one (or a poorly designed one).

The consequences are brutal!

A course that isn't what your students want. A course that never gets finished. A course with no engagement. A course that wastes everyone's time.


Step 1
​Define a Goal

Identify what the students will achieve when they complete your course.

Step 2
​Identify Outcomes

Break the goal into smaller outcomes that the student needs to achieve.

Step 3
​Determine KSAs

The small pieces that will support the student to achieve the outcomes?


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