Done-For-You Course Creation Services

Finally launch your online course without wasting your valuable time. 

No one wants to build a course for endless hours over months or years that leads nowhere. Hire a learning and development expert to guide you through determining the right course for your audience so you can build a profitable online course that actually sells, instead of wasting 1000s of hours and dollars

  • Create an online course while you continue to do what you do best and leave the rest to us
  • Focus on your core strengths and launch a professional online course without consuming your billable hours
  • Launch an online course quicker by investing in expert learning and development support
  • Sell an online course the easy way without needing to learn yet another piece of technology

Services Offered


  • Work alongside you to build a course outline
  • Map course content ideas to course outline
  • Create a student journey flow of what your course will look like online
  • Provide ideas of innovate course content ideas
  • Storyboards for your videos
  • Consulting on pilot and beta tests
  • Animated PowerPoint/Google Slides
  • Setup of your course platform
  • Upload content to your course platform
  • Video editing
  • Design content/images/infographics in Canva
  • Create interactive activities
  • Create scenario based activities
  • Creation of interactive activities
  • Build assignments, assessments and quizzes
  • Payment Gateway connections
  • Sales Landing Pages
  • Marketing email funnel templates
  • Run Beta Tests
  • Create automations using Zapier
  • Integrate learning platform with your CRM

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