With more than 10 years experience in education, you will be supported to plan and create your online course

I have designed, implemented, delivered and moderated various training courses in my career. Experienced within businesses where no prior training systems existed, I designed internal and external onboarding systems from scratch.

As part of a course coordination team, I designed and validated full course packages delivered within the accredited vocational training system in Australia. 

I have successfully executed projects to redesign learning content, implement scaffold education in bundled courses, and launch online courses. 

During these experiences I have witnessed first hand how valued education is for business growth, however, not knowing how to take those first steps in online course creation have been detrimental to the online course success. Poor course content quality, decreased staff loyalty, low completion rates, low return customers - an all-over poor learning journey.

This is what drives me to help you to create an engaging online course that supports your clients transformation and has them singing your praises!

Our Vision and Mission

Here at The Stella Way we strive for every person around the globe to have access to the same education. We do this by teaching educators how to transition their expertise to a holistic, sustainable and scalable approach in online learning.

We empower educators to:
Share their knowledge
Think and encourage cognitive learning
Educate using new technologies and technique
Lead by example
Learn from their experiences through application 
Adapt their skills to new situations, encouraging autonomous learning


Our History

Kat has a Bachelor of Human Resource Management focusing on Learning & Development.

She has worked for both businesses and registered training organisations in her career building internal and external learning systems.

Living and working in 5 different countries has equipped her to learn worldwide skills within the education industry.

Having built several online courses she is equipped with the methods that lead to a successful course.

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