Create your Online Course

Launch your first Online Course by Following This Checklist

What is holding you back from
launching your online course?

Learn the basic steps involved in creating and launching your first online course

  • Stop jumping between tasks in course creation
  • Chunk tasks into 3 categories: Planning, Designing, Monitoring
  • Learn the process of the behind-the-scenes in course creation
  • Save time in the design phase by following the vital steps in the planning phase
  • Stop spending time on tasks that do not lead to course success
  • Have the freedom to personalise the checklist
  • Mark each task as completed to track the project completion 
  • Save it for your future courses!

Is this checklist right for you?

  • Are you stuck on where to start for your online course?
  • Have a great course idea but not sure what is next?
  • Are you confused on how to plan an online course?
  • Do you feel that you have been planning for months but can't get the course idea off paper?
  • Are you worried you are missing steps in your course creation?
  • Are you interested to see the steps involved in course creation?

Answered YES to the above? Then this checklist has been designed for you!