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Why download the planning template?

Learn how to effectively plan an online course that builds a learning journey for your clients, so you are always delivering what they need.

Use this template to follow the 3 steps to course planning so you finally know where to start. The tempate will support you in:

  • Building confidence that you are creating content that will help your clients
  • Creating a curriculum for your course to stop second guess what content to include (and which content is irrelevant)
  • Selecting the right content types for your course and your clients requirements
  • Creating a logical flow that lead your clients to success
Hi, I am Kat!

About The Stella Way

I support subject matter experts, just like yourself, to scale your knowledge through online courses with a strong focus on creating an engaging learning journey.

The Stella Way was founded to provide innovative coaching and consulting services that empower you to to build a sustainable and scalable online course. 

I work with educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, who want to make a positive impact and strive to make education globally accessible.

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