Plan your Online Course
Short Course with live Masterclass

Plan an Engaging 
Online Course

Join the Plan your Online Course short course to learn the concepts of the course planning and see them in action during a live Masterclass delivered on 22nd June 2021.

Work with other entrepreneurs and small business owners who are on the same journey in creating their course.

What is Included?

Prewatch Videos

Learn the 3 Steps to Plan your Online Course 

Create a structured course outline so you can save time 

when creating your content.

Follow along at your own pace to learn the 3 steps

so you can make full use of the live Masterclass.

Downloable Resources

Get access to resources to help you design, create and launch 

your online course.

  • 10 Mistakes in Course Design and How to Avoid Them eBook
  • Plan your Online Course Template
  • Create your Online Course Checklist

Live MasterClass

The Masterclass is a live session where we see the 3 steps in action!

An entreprenuer will be sitting in the HotSeat where we together

will be putting the 3 steps to plan your online course into action.

Be involved in the implementation, learn together, build your own!

Is the Short Course and Masterclass for you?

Save Time! Design a Course Outline

After creating many courses (both face to face and online), I have experienced the difference of 

when you have a course outline vs not having one (or a poorly designed one).

The consequences are brutal!

A course that isn't what your students want. A course that never gets finished. 

A course with no engagement. A course that wastes everyone's time.


Step 1:
​Determine Goal

Identify what the students will achieve 

when they complete your course.

Step 2:
​Allocate Outcomes

Break the goal into smaller outcomes 

that the student needs to achieve.

Step 3:
​Map Competencies

The small pieces that will support the student 

to achieve the outcomes.


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